new duo Cloudfish

Sunday, 11.11.2018

A new collaboration: Cloudfish.
A duo with Jasper le Clercq on violin. We play a mix between songs and free improvisation. Quite a challenge! Check out our video ‘Welcome One Welcome All’. More videos are on the way……



Hartog Eysman, Izaline Calister and Marc Bischoff – Beatriz (cover)


Hartog Eysman & Jasper le Clercq – Come Closer


Hartog – Mashup live at Radio 2 – Paul!


Hartog – Visitor (filmed at the Vault Sessions, thanks to


Hartog – Spain (live Radio 2, thanks to Van Holland)

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if seeing is believing
and I believe what I see
have you made a believer
or a seer out of me ?