Salt Peanuts: A musical landscape that is always changing. From quiet and intimate, to dramatic or jubilant. The violin and vocals spin around each other in a fascinating way. Two extremely exciting musicians.

Vital Weekly: Eysman’s stories of love, loss, and redemption are engaging, clever and moving. ‘But Is It Art?’ leaves you pondering the album long after it’s finished.

Bad Alchemy: Cloudfish stages great theatre. Obviously both have a lot of expressions in store, one panting and humming and with heart & soul-moving pathos, the other pecking and twitching and with a bittersweet bow stroke.

Jazzflits: Intriguing soundscapes invite the listener to imagine their own stories and images. A rich experience that disproves the idea that a duo of voice and violin would be boring.

Subjectivisten: Cloudfish continuously surprises you. Simply beautiful and at other times beautifully complex.

Felthatreviews: Quirky, poetic, funny and dramatic vocals with groovy and experimental violin. The whole album has its own dynamics and never fails to achieve the spectacular temperature of nuances and moods.



Kippenvel: Introvert and intense. Songs that are contemplative and captivating at the same time. This is almost whispered music that hits hard in all its simplicity: because of its minimal character, every sound counts.

NTB Muziekwereld: Beautiful album with intimate songs. Comforting music to enjoy at home in these crazy times. Put this album on and forget everything around you.

Real Roots Café: Unique atmosphere. Subtle simplicity with a touch of melancholy. Played and sung with intensity. The instrumental “Rodrigo” is a gem.

Rootstime: A very nice record. Fascinating, making you want more. Nothing here is obvious, but everything is very valuable. Great guitarist + formidable singer = intriguing debut.



OOR: Gripping. Fascinating dreampop songs.

Music Maker: A daring step, exploring new territory. Hartog’s best album so far.

Plato Mania: A new sound.
Every single song has its own unique identity.

Subjectivisten: Wonderful, melancholic daydreams. Intense. Timeless.

On Top Of Music: Surprising. Like a journey. Goose bumps.

Mpodia: Carefully built up tension span. Hartog is playing with sound textures.

Jaap Koper: Hartog thinks out of the box and Making Waves has got that je ne sais quoi… something you can’t put your finger on. An album like drifting on waves. Hartog is a traveller on his way to musical possibilities.

Arnhemse Koerier: A rare piece of refined pop music.

Zinesters: It’s musical love at first sight. A broad palet of emotions, the instruments setting just the right tone. Impressive, this musical tour de force.


Hartog is joined by a drummer adding more punch to the sound. The songs sound terrific and, looking at the crowd outside trying to catch a glimpse of the concert through the windows, the second gig is going very well also.
(Noorderzon festival, August 2013, Klaas Guchelaar)

Singer-songwriter Hartog and drummer Rowin Tettero … an intriguing and deep combination.
(Delft, Rietveld Theatre, November 2012, Hans van der Maas)


Plato Mania: For the third time Hartog delivers a great piece of work. Beautiful deep craftsmanship.

Festivalinfo: The atmosphere is stretched to the limit. Once again a beautiful album.

Music From NL: Hartog takes you on an extraordinary trip. The strong atmosphere grabs the listener by the throat.

BN De Stem: Touching. With songs digging even deeper.

Music Maker: Deep, subtle, splendid performance. Great melodies, melancholic voice, wonderful.

Kluisteraar: Compelling. Impressive. We have a new Dutch gem.

Kippenvel: Intimate singer-songwriter with a great sense for melody. Accompanied only by drummer Rowin Tettero he creates a sound as natural as it is complete.

NTB Muziekwereld: A special album! Hartog takes time to let his songs unfold … convincingly building up the suspense with drummer Rowin Tettero.

On Top Of Music: This is the soundtrack for the Fall of 2012.

OOR: Glowing album, intensely moving. Five stars.

Subjectivisten: A hybrid between Ben Christophers and Thom Yorke. Touching in every fibre.

Live XS: Refined drumming by Rowin Tettero.

Apply Some Pressure: Hartog makes quite an impression with Happy Days. Really a gorgeous album.

Musicspotter: Hartog has outdone himself on Happy Days.

Mousique: High class album grows and grows on you.

ALBUM “NO HERO” (2010)

Music Maker: A great talent, excellent compositions. Just listen to tracks like No Hero or Any Day Now.

OOR: Eight songs that can take your breath away. Like the song ‘Visitor’ that should be heard by everybody.

3VOOR12: Musical beauty … Touches the heart, and transports the listener across mountains high and valleys low.

Live XS: Strong songs, captivating, addictive.

Music From NL: Eight little gems, brought with intensity and emotion. ‘No Hero’ may be a short album, but you can enjoy it for a long time.

NTB Muziekwereld: A joy from beginning to end. Skillful craftsmanship.

Heaven: A compelling singer as well as a gifted songwriter, who is unafraid to explore new musical pathways.

Nieuwe Geluiden: Surprising, elaborate, eloquent pop album. A fine mix of beautiful quiet songs with a subtle uplifting sound.

FestivalinfoThis album just might become one of your best friends. Hartog’s voice is of an almost chilling beauty.

Plugout (Noordhollands Dagblad): Songs that are strong in their simplicity.

FRET: Subtle guitars, strong arrangements and a fragile, sensitive sound. No Hero is nothing less than the story of a search for the powerful beauty of music. Astonishing. Introverted and expressive at the same time. Hartog knows how to move the listener.

Nieuwslog: I hear a unique quality. Hartog has something captivating, gripping. A perfect album to really listen to. It’s interesting, and layered, rich with atmosphere and variation.

Folkroddels:Interesting songs. Pure beauty. The album remains a whole, while being full of variation.

ROAR: You dream away, only to wake up and realize there is real beauty on this album.

Lopend Vuur: A singer-songwriter with soul. Fragile, but also a fighter. Hartog’s No Hero is well worth seeking out.

Mpodia: Atmospheric production. Poetic song lyrics. A voice that’s just as beautiful as Novastar. ‘No Hero’ is a wonderful album. It’s honest and plain, intimate and atmospheric, pure and sincere. A proper storyteller who means every word he sings.


OOR: Deeply honest and pure. Grand in its simplicity.
The minimal approach focuses the attention to the fascinating lyrics of this storyteller. Alberto Klein Goldewijk’s organ playing is just as strong as Hartog’s songs.

Trouw: Hartog bares his soul. He is a very gifted singer who can reach strong high notes. His guitar playing elegantly accentuates the key moments in his songs.

Music Maker: Wonderful repetitive songs. Then, with a twist in the tail, he will take you into the deep. For this guy can really take you somewhere.

Heaven: Extraordinary singer-songwriter with a captivating voice.
Gripping you from the very first song on, until the last one is over.

3voor12: Prime performance, what a trip. Think of Erlend Oye acoustic, Boards Of Canada, or the mellow Eurythmics songs.

NTB Muziekwereld: Impressive voice and beautiful songs.
Tasteful exotic chords and strong melodic lines, everything is done for the story.
From beginning to end these songs hold up without one flaw. First class.

Fret: Sympathetic and fascinating songs.
Undeniably influenced by classic singer-songwriters like Luka Bloom and Paul Weller, Hartog goes even one step further. A peaceful and exciting album at the same time.

Nieuwe Geluiden: Hartog sounds fresh, modern and piercing, skilfully avoiding any tediousness. Let your imagination run free, as Hartog compellingly unfolds his stories.

Musicfrom.NL: Wonderful, touching debut. Anyone who saw Hartog play live, knows his songs have an impact without becoming depressing. That same intensity really comes out on this CD.

Zing Magazine: Less is more. The minimal songs seem modest, until you discover a wide range of moods and emotions. Versatile singer-songwriter, seasoned by the subtle and well-chosen colours of pianist Alberto Klein Goldewijk.

Folkforum: Intimate album, beautiful singer-songwriter debut.
Sober songs, amply convincing of the quality of what Hartog has to offer. With a somewhat husky and nasal voice he sings emotional, very personal ballads.

Rootstown/MazzMusikas: Soaring melodies in elaborate songs.
A nice voice reminiscent of Milow. The lyrics, all-important for singer-songwriters, are as personal as the music is introverted. The glorious “Detonate” causes an explosion of emotions right away… Sober and intimate album that definitely grows on you. Fragile songs, very personal and original lyrics. Atmospheric album coming straight at you.
The songs couldn’t be more direct. Eleven songs straight from the heart of Hartog.


3voor12 Arnhem (2009):
His clear, rather high voice really brings out the complex melodies. Anyone who enjoys intelligent songs, should definitely go and see Hartog live.

NCRV Volgspot jury (2009):
Hartog stole our hearts with his intensity, passion, lyrics, and love for music.

NPS Radio:
Hartog is a songwriter who can command attention in a gentle way.

What a beautiful voice, and good lyrics.

Hou Je Kop jury:
A unique style of guitar playing.

Music from NL:
Beautiful, atmospheric songs.

3voor12 Arnhem (2007):
The little man with the big voice makes quite an impression. “Storyteller” turns out to be an inspired ballad with a strong story.

The Hague Songwriters Guild:
Hartog captured our full attention. Good singer-songwriter music delivered with fun and a sense of humour.

3voor12 (2007):
Hartog has a beautiful strong, somewhat husky voice, a pop-rock gem.


Strong songwriting. (Mundovibes, 2005, on Flowriders album “Starcraft”)

Quality, class, and subtlety. (OOR, 2005, on Flowriders album “Starcraft”)

Hartog Eysman gives himself heart and Soul. (Parade Den Bosch, 2000, on soul show R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)

Subtle ear play … everything falls into place. (Haagse Courant, 1999, on Hartog & Martini debut album)

Intensity … a pleasant kind of tension. (Jazz Nu, 1999, on Hartog & Martini debut album)

Adventurous, original. (Music Maker, 1999, on Hartog & Martini debut album)

Expressiveness and originality. (Volkskrant, 1997, on Dutch Jazz Vocalist Contest)