Hartog Eysman Singer and Songwriter

Hartog - Happy Days
Hartog - Happy Days

Hartog ‘Happy Days’

Plato Mania

For the third time Hartog delivers a great piece of work. Beautiful deep craftsmanship.


The atmosphere is stretched to the limit. Once again a beautiful album.

Music From NL

Hartog takes you on an extraordinary trip. The strong atmosphere grabs the listener by the throat.

BN De Stem:

Touching. With songs digging even deeper.

Music Maker

Deep, subtle, splendid performance. Great melodies, melancholic voice, wonderful.


Compelling. Impressive. We have a new Dutch gem.


Intimate singer-songwriter with a great sense for melody. Accompanied only by drummer Rowin Tettero he creates a sound as natural as it is complete.

NTB Muziekwereld:

A special album! Hartog takes time to let his songs unfold … convincingly building up the suspense with drummer Rowin Tettero.

On Top Of Music

This is the soundtrack for the Fall of 2012.


Glowing album, intensely moving. Five stars.


A hybrid between Ben Christophers and Thom Yorke. Touching in every fibre.

Live XS

Refined drumming by Rowin Tettero.

Apply Some Pressure

Hartog makes quite an impression with Happy Days. Really a gorgeous album.


Hartog has outdone himself on Happy Days.


High class album grows and grows on you.