Hartog Eysman Singer and Songwriter

Hartog - Making Waves
Hartog - Making Waves

Hartog ‘Making Waves’


Gripping. Fascinating dreampop songs.

Music Maker

A daring step, exploring new territory. Hartog’s best album so far.

Plato Mania: A new sound.

Every single song has its own unique identity.


Wonderful, melancholic daydreams. Intense. Timeless.

On Top Of Music

Surprising. Like a journey. Goose bumps.


Carefully built up tension span. Hartog is playing with sound textures.

Jaap Koper

Hartog thinks out of the box and Making Waves has got that je ne sais quoi… something you can’t put your finger on. An album like drifting on waves. Hartog is a traveller on his way to musical possibilities.

Arnhemse Koerier

A rare piece of refined pop music.


It’s musical love at first sight. A broad palet of emotions, the instruments setting just the right tone. Impressive, this musical tour de force.